¿What is included in the rent a car prices?

With the price all taxes are included (VAT), full comprehensive insurance without excess and unlimited mileage, free second driver.

¿What is included in the motorcycles rental prices?

With the price all taxes are included (VAT), full comprehensive insurance without excess and unlimited mileage, free second driver and two helmets fort free. There is a 100€ as deposit in cash that will be returned upon return the motorcycle.

¿Is the price offered by Autos Pons a final price?

Yes, Autos Pons Ciutadella S.L. is transparent and trustworthy. The price of your booked cars and motorcycles is the Final one.

¿Does Autos Pons Ciutadella S.L. accept payment in cash?

Yes we offer the possibility of paying in cash, debit or credit card at the time of formalization of the rental contract.

¿How old must I be to rent a vehicle at Autos Pons Ciutadella SL?

Autos Pons accept drivers from 25 years old and a two years old driving license.

¿Does Autos Pons charges for fuel?

Autos Pons only asks you to return the same amount of fuel that was in the vehicle when renting the car.

¿Autos Pons has child seats?

We have baby seats and booster seats for each age. In the booking page you a space to indicate what kind of seat you need.

¿Does Autos Pons Ciutadella S.L. motorcycles have full comprehensive insurance included?

Yes, it is a full comprehensive insurance, but there is a 100.00 € deposit in cash (the possible missuse of the motorcycle is not insured) rental includes two helmets.

¿Is there an extra charge for picking up the car at the airport?

Yes, there is an additional charge of 40.00 € that applies to collect the car from the airport and 40.00 € to return the car at the airport.

¿Does the additional driver is included in the final price?

Our rates includes the additional driver for free.

¿If I book a car through the Web page, when do I pay?

Today, we dont offer the option of prepayment. You book the car through our website and pay wen you collect the vehicle.

¿Will I have to pay any costs to cancel or change my

reservation? No, there is no extra cost for changing or cancel any booking. Simply let us know, and your booking will be canceled.

¿Do you have a vehicle with automatic transmission?

No, we dont have automatic transmission cars in our fleet.

¿Is it possible to pick up the car at the hotel? ¿Is there an extra charge for this service?

Yes it's posible. You can pick up and return the car at the hotel at no additional charge.

¿Does the price includes VAT?

All our prices on our website includes VAT. I lost my driver's license, how do I book a car with you? If you call the DVLA office they can provide you with a document that enables you to drive a car.

¿Do I need to book a baby seat at the time of booking a vehicle, or i can apply when you pick up the car?

It is highly recommended to book the baby seat at the time of booking. Otherwise, it may happen that at certain times we runs out of them. It is better to say you don’t need it when you collect.

¿Is it possible to rent a diesel car?

Unfortunately we can not confirm an exact type of car brand, color or type of fuel used.

¿Is it possible to request the inclusion of a roof rack with reserved car?

Unfortunately we don’t have roof racks.

¿Can I return the car in a different office to the office where I have collected the vehicle?

Yes you can with no extra cost.

¿Is it possible to take the vehicle out of the island?

It is not allowed to leave the island with the vehicle for any reason.

¿What happens if the car breaks down?

You have a phone number for assistance which will assist you and solve your problem as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

¿Do the cars have air conditioning and radio?

Our cars are equipped with air conditioning and CD radio.


If you lose or break the keys they are not included in the rental price. If you are unlucky enough to lose your car keys during the rental period, you must pay for its replacement.

Inadequate fuel refueling

Please be sure to refuel the right kind of fuel in the car. The cost of inadequate refueling is not covered by insurance and the tenant must take responsibility.

¿What is not included in the insurance?

Blows underbody (Carter); Lost or damaged keys; Punctures and / or breakage to decks and / or tires; Damage to upholstery; Windows and glass; Refilling with the wrong fuel; Driving Recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; Traffic fines and penalties; Extra Services (chairs, elevators, delivery fee, second additional driver, out of hours deliveries); and Fuel.

I want to include my son in the booking as second driver. He comes a few days after me. how can I do it?

As your child gets to Menorca, you must appear in person at the office where you picked up the vehicle and request its inclusion as second driver.

Damage to the underbody and heel

None of our insurances cover faults caused to the underside of the car, including the sills of the car. Care should be taken when driving, not all roads are suitable for cars in Menorca.